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About Kidematics

About Title

The Problem

Childhood obesity is going to significantly impact the future generations and the lifespan of the human race. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this lack of adequate physical activity is one of the many causes for the trends in obesity. Due to limited time and resources in schools, Kidematics is a program designed to help activate, motivate, and inspire children to be active. We know physical activity is not the only issue that needs to be addressed in helping kids become healthy. Our program utilizes basic behavioral principles to teach personal and social life lessons.

The Solution

Our Results

Our summer and after school programs have shown a significant impact in the daily averages in the areas of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA), Step count, and Calories burned in all of our participants. Participants averaged about 164 minutes of MVPA, 20,000 steps traveled, and a caloric expenditure of about 1,600 calories throughout the weeks attending camp. After school students exceed moderate, vigorous, and very vigorous recommended activity minutes measured with accelerometers.

About Kidematics

Our business was established in 2010 as a summer program and landed an opportunity with Monongalia County Schools located in Morgantown, WV to host an active afterschool program. We have serviced hundreds of kids and families in the Morgantown area and our programs are continuing to grow in numbers and locations. We have collaborated with Fitness and Child Care facilities to custom design programs that enhance fitness and physical well-being of children, and also promote character education.

We teach children concepts related to our four themes: Motivation, Coping, Responsibility, and Relationships. The nature of play allows for the teachable moments and lessons to arise naturally. Therefore, our social interactions occurs within play for “real world” applications. We have watched children benefit physically and mentally through our unique programs. Our overall mission is to create an awareness and responsibility in our kids to not only live a healthy life, but also to do the “right” thing even when no one is watching, making our children great citizens when they grow up. We can guarantee the kids involved in our programs will move and learn in a variety of ways, meeting the needs of all children.

Before and Afterschool Care

During our before and after-school programs we incorporate academics, physical activity, and social lessons. Everyday kids get time to work on their homework and participate in academic education game stations. They have a fitness activity station, a tag game station, a team game station, recess station, and a snack and discussion station. Each week we focus on a theme from our four concepts: Motivation, Coping, Relationships, and Motivation. Programs start at 7am and go until 5:30pm.

Summer Camp

Our Summer program focuses on goal setting and teaching children the importance of setting goals that are realistic and challenging. The Summer program incorporates Academic Stations, Kidematics games, fitness activity, Physical Education and Sport Skills, Team games, and daily journaling and Summer Workbook time. We also have special projects that we run throughout the Summer including our Gardening/Landscaping Project, Craft, and our Kinex STEM Education Engineering Project. The days are jam packed with structure and fun. It is a great way that kids can play and interact, while also learning. Camp is a great way to keep your child(ren) in the school schedule routine. Camp operates from 7:30am-5:30pm and goes through the summer months excluding the week of July 4th and the week leading up to the start of school.

Birthday Parties

We offer our services at Birthday parties for families interested in having a structured and activity filled party for their child(ren). We utilize games and activities that provide a ton of fun for all ages. We have everything from Bikes and Scooters, to parachutes and basketballs. We also provide a Kidematics T-shirt as a party favor for all the participants! You book the place and we bring the service. Depending on the size of your group and location, prices start at just $50 an hour. Schedule a party with us today!

ISE Day Camps/Planned 2 hour Early Dismissal Camps

The days where teachers are scheduled to work and kids either are let out early or have off from school, we are OPEN! We run our programs on these days using the same structure as our Summer camp and after-school programs. This is a great way to get your kids involved throughout the year!

Reward Days

We offer our services to schools and organizations for field day events, assemblies, reward days, etc. Schools and organizations interested can utilize us to plan, organize, and manage events for kids of all ages. We do anything and have had great success helping manage and run Field Day events, School Holiday Parties, Health Fair Events, and many more. Contact us to plan an event for that meet the needs of your organization.

Public Speaking Engagements

We offer opportunities for guest lecturing and motivational speaking pertaining to Physical Education, Childhood Obesity, Social Skill Lessons, Behavioral Interventions, Goal Setting, Health, Wellness, Comprehensive Physical Activity Programs, Staff Wellness and Community Involvement, Before and After School Care, and many other topics. If you want us to come motivate your organization or group of staff and students contact us for availability and pricing.

Certification Classes

Monthly we run certification classes for individuals interested in becoming a Certified Kidematics Instructor. To learn more and get certified contact us today!