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Before and Afterschool

During our before and after-school programs we incorporate academics, physical activity, and social lessons. Everyday kids get time to work on their homework and participate in academic education game stations. They have a fitness activity station, a tag game station, a team game station, recess station, and a snack and discussion station. Each week we focus on a theme from our four concepts: Motivation, Coping, Relationships, and Motivation. Programs start at 7am and go until 5:30pm.

Enroll in Before and Afterschool Programs


  • $75 registration fee, per child
  • $170 per month for Full Time enrollment (AM and PM care)
  • $160 per month for after school only enrollment (PM care)
  • $110 per month Middle School Rate (Grades 6-8)
  • *High School students can volunteer at our programs*
Full Time
  • $170 per month, per child
  • Includes before and after school
AM Care
  • $110 per month, per child
  • Includes ONLY morning care services
PM Care
  • $160 per month, per child
  • Includes ONLY after school services
ISE Day Camps
  • We are no longer offering this service as of the 2017 school year
Scheduled 2hr Early Dismissal Days:

    Registering to use this service is $140 for the year.

    You must register to use the package. There will be no change of rate for using this service if you choose to register at a later date. Your child will not be able to attend unless they are registered to use these days. Any child enrolled, no matter their enrollment status of Full Time, Morning Only, or Afternoon Only, or Middle School can be registered to use this service.


We accept children 60 months and older.

We are not permitted to operate during snow days or dismissals called for inclement weather

Before and Afterschool