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Hear what our kids' parents are saying:

"My son loved the Kidematics Program! He participated during the summer and each evening he would show us the token that he earned and excitedly give us a report on the accomplishments made that day. He was one of the youngest participants there (6 years old having just completed kindergarten) so I was concerned about how he would adjust and interact with the older children there. He never reported any negative experiences and would often tell us about how the older kids would sometimes help the younger ones. I want you to know how much we appreciate this."

"The token rewards system, used over the summer, seemed to be the perfect motivation tool for my 7 year old. He was so proud of his accomplishments and enjoyed showing everyone his tokens and explaining how he'd earned them. I've also noticed that he developed a love for running. He is disappointed that he can't run on the playground at school during recess, but is glad that he can run at Kidematics."

"The summer program topics resonated with our kids and have prompted many encouraging conversations."

"They wanted to go "run some miles" at the WVU track."

"My kids now look forward to exercise and even make sure I work out."

"My daughter never wanted to exercise. She loves to read and would choose to sit for hours and do so, as well as crafting. Through Kidematics goal setting lessons and motivational tools, my daughter was CHOOSING to move! I am super proud that she loves to read, but exercise keeps us healthy and I want her to value that as well. She is still attending Kidematics and setting new goals that she has to work to achieve. I am so thankful for Kidematics staff and programs that have helped my daughter to develop a healthy lifestyle that I hope she will keep up with for a lifetime. I can’t recommend them enough. Truly a blessing to our family."

"My daughter had a fantastic experience at kidematics this summer. The emphasis on health, emotional growth, and relationships was unique and impactful. We noticed many positive changes over the summer, as she took the lessons about responsibility and self-challenge to heart. We were also impressed with the way that the camp emphasized positive relationships with peers, which showed in the children's behavior towards one another. And it was really fun, too!!!"

"My son has used examples learned at Kidematics in much of his everyday life. As an example, he now chooses healthy food choices on his own and asks for more water over juice and soda."

"It has helped my daughter come out of her shell. She is very quiet and normally not outgoing until she really knows someone. Kidematics has helped her social skills tremendously. She has new friends and even enjoys playing with the older kids."

"Child is much more aware of making better food choices. Plus she wants to exercise with me now. It's funny hearing your five-year-old say: "let's do some Burpees!""

"I think it's great. I love the way the kids rotate through each center. I also appreciate how all the employees really make the children feel welcomed and loved. I also like how kidematics teaches lessons along with their activities. The older kids have also learned how to take care and be a positive role model for the younger ones. That's something you rarely see at other after school programs"

"I can't say enough good things about this program! Teaching the kids to eat healthy and be healthy. Teaching the kids to respect themselves and others!"

"We love Kidematics and the values it is teaching my child. So much better than a typical daycare atmosphere."